Equipment     Services     Staffing  
ADA Ramp (Available upon request)
Booths, with Drapes (Each)
Cassette/CD Player
Electric Hook-up (Per Day)
Electric Hubble
Erasable Board
Flip Chart
Media Cart
Microphone. Lapel or Wireless
Piano-Key Board (Per Day)
Phone (In Room)
Phone Line (For Events)
Pipe and Drape (Per Foot)
Podium with Sound
Portable Sound System
Projection Powerpoint
Projector Screen (5 ft.)
Projector Screen (12 ft.)
Projector (Overhead)
Staging (Per Section)
Table, Banquet, with Chairs
Table, Banquet, without Chairs
Table, Banquet, Skirted
Table, Round, with Chairs
Table, Round, without Chairs
Table, Round, Skirted
Television, VCR & DVD
  Box Office Fee
Credit Card Fee (On Gross Sales)
Coffee (Per Cup)
Ice (Per Barrel)
Juice (Per Bottle)
Novelty Sales (On Gross Sales)
Photocopies (Each)
RV Electrical Hookup (Per Day)
Soft Drinks (Per 20 oz. Bottle)
Water (Per 16.9 oz. Bottle)
  Emergency Medical Tech (Per Hour)
Housekeeping (Per Hour)
Police (Per Hour, Per Officer)
Stagehands (Per Hour)
Security in House (Per Hour)
Ticket Sellers (Per Hour)
Ticket Takers (Per Hour)
Approved Caterers List